mim is guaranteed, special loving care for your dwelling

As we know that your home is very special for you, we assure you of our personal attention. We will see that your home appears to be occupied in your absence, and we’ll help you to give it a fresh look that you will always be pleased to see on your return.

During your absence, you can be sure that we will care for your house as if you were here, so that when you return you’ll have nothing to worry about. You are guaranteed to find everything just as you left it, or better. You will be able to enjoy your days of rest and free time just as you always dreamed.

  • Safekeeping of keys. Delivery and collection of keys. Mail pickup. Interior and exterior inspection of the dwelling. Reports. Monthly, fortnightly or weekly inspection of the premises..
  • If you’re looking for more, you need the +mim service, with access to our wide range of assistance