We know from personal experience how many complications can arise in a home when you are not living in it. With this in mind, we’ve decided to offer effective solutions to all those who, for whatever circumstances, are unable to take care of their habitual dwelling or, residing somewhere else, are the owners of a second residence on the Costa del Sol.

Martin y Melero. S.L. has been created with the intention of satisfying the demand and the need of many home owners to be able to count on professionals of confidence to care for their homes down to the last detail, not only to solve any problems that might come up, but also to avoid them when possible.

Our objective is to offer a quality service of advice, care and maintenance of the home, assuring the owners not only a greater peace of mind during their absence but also a more pleasant, comfortable and safe sojourn.

We have a highly qualified team at our disposal to deal with virtually all our clients’ needs.